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It is a global E-payment gateway that provides projects and people to facilitate the electronic payment process and includes all countries

You can open an account in UZET by going to create an account and then filling in the required information and sending it. After less than 24 hours, the team will contact you to activate the account.

It can be added to all kinds of applications or sites because it is available in most programming languages, by going to the integrations list and choosing the environment that link with your project.

Every package has something that distinguishes it, but the best for small projects is the standerd package

Yes, it is possible through the use of the Freelancer package, where it provides you with payment links for your products in person.

Western Union : 12 hours maximum,
USDT : 12 hours maximum,
Wise : 12 hour maximum,

Yes,there is a fixed amount ranging from $ 0.80 to $1.5.

From UZET account with our app you can monitor transactions as well as make an Sheet file for payments or withdraw profits.

All methods available: Visa card, MasterCard, Google pay, Apply pay and Bitcoin

Available : Wise, Western Union, USDT

The fee depends on withdrawal method (the fee are taken by the transfer company)

You will be sent a special application that tracks all payments and withdrawals as well as exporting them according to the format you need

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